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    Default adob photoshop notes class 41

    22. Teddy bear in the field

    Now you are going to combine three pictures; you are going to make a collage.
    Getting ready

    Start med by opening two image files.
    1. Get the picture plysmark.jpg from the home page for this booklet, and open it in Photoshop.
    2. Open also the image file peter plys.psd. You now need to copy the teddy bear onto the dandelion field.
    3. Arrange the two pictures, so they can both be seen on the screen.
    4. Select the move tool with v. Click on the layer plys. Hold the mouse button down and drag the button out from the palette and onto the field picture, where you need to release the button:
    615us - adob photoshop notes class 41
    5. Voil --> ! Teddy came in dandelion company:
    614us - adob photoshop notes class 41
    6. Use the move tool to place him decoratively in the green. Save the image file as plysmark.psd.
    7. Close the file peter plys.psd.
    Fit a teddy bear in the green

    As for size teddy fits fine in the landscabe, but it looks like the angle is slightly off – teddy leans too much toward the left. We need to correct that.
    1. The layer plys has to be selected:
    613us - adob photoshop notes class 41
    2. Choose free transform with Control+t. Now you can turn the figure with the mouse, but in this case it is easier to use the keyboard. Look in the settings line and click in the field Set rotation. Enter the value 4 there:
    612us - adob photoshop notes class 41
    3. This means that the figure is turned four degrees, and that is about right. Accept by clicking on the small button in the far right of the settings line:
    image296 - adob photoshop notes class 41
    4. Now everything seems to be fine, but what is a teddy bear without honey? So open the image file honey.psd.
    5. In a previous exercise you made a selection around the honey glass. The selection was converted to a layer mask, so the glass is actually ready for use – without background.
    8. Now arrange the two pictures honey.psd and plysmark.psd so they can be seen simultaneously on the screen. The honey picture needs to be the active one.
    9. Activate the move tool, and use the mouse to drag the honey glass onto the field picture in the same way as you earlier dragged Teddy into the picture:
    image297 - adob photoshop notes class 41
    10. Release the glass on the field.
    11. The glass is now on its own layer. Rename the layer to honey (double click on the layer’s name in the layer palette):
    608us - adob photoshop notes class 41
    12. Save the image file.
    On with the glass

    The glass is really way too big. But before you correct that, there is another detail to be worked on. The top part of the glass ought to be semi transparent, so the background shows faintly through it.
    1. Zoom in on the glass’s top, and choose the lasso (presss l). Select the inner surface of the glass’ top portion:
    image298 - adob photoshop notes class 41
    2. Right click somewhere in the selection, and choose Feather from the menu. Set the value to 2 pixels.
    3. Now we would like to change the opacity for this picture segment; since it needs to be partially transparent. But you cannot change the opacity for part of a layer; any change will effect the whole layer. So you have to place the selected glass section on its own layer. You can do that by using cut and paste, but Photoshop has a command, which does that in one move. Use menus: Layer --> New --> Layer via Cut. Rename the new layer to glass.
    4. You can now experiment with the glass edge’s degree of transparency (in the layer palette). A transparency of about 50% seems suitable:
    image299 - adob photoshop notes class 41
    5. Now you can look through the glass; the dandelions are clearly visible:
    605us - adob photoshop notes class 41

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