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    Default How to Create Antimated GIFs in Photoshop

    Step 1. Build a layered Photoshop file

    The first thing you should do is to build a a layered Photoshop file. We are going to teach you step by step. Here is an example for creating an animated GIF in Photoshop. It has 7 layers.

    1275271801 - How to Create Antimated GIFs in Photoshop

    Step 2. Build animation frames with layer visibility

    Now you need to go to Windows > Animation to show Photoshop's animation palette. You can turn off visibility for all layers you do not want visible at the start time of your animation. With the layers you want visible turning on, you can add on a frame at a time. Now just see this rocket gif you need to reveal the countdown and the flame at the bottom of our rocket.

    1275271831 - How to Create Antimated GIFs in Photoshop

    Step 3. Use Tween to build animation frames in Photoshop

    1275271861 - How to Create Antimated GIFs in Photoshop

    Just as you see the countdown is complete, you need to create the illusion that our rocket ship is taking off. Here you are recommended to add one more frame. Select Rocket layer and move the rocket off the top of the image window.

    For this purpose you had better go to
    Tween to set values in Tween.

    Step 4. Adjust the timing

    1275271889 - How to Create Antimated GIFs in Photoshop

    In this step you have to adjust the delay for each frame of the animation.

    Step 5. Save the file as Animated GIF in Photoshop

    An the end of the tutorial you need to export the animated GIF by going to File > Save for Web & Devices. Once you have done these you may like to drag the file into the browser.

    1275271918 - How to Create Antimated GIFs in Photoshop

    Just see the animated GIF file you created. Do you think that it is not very difficult?
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