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    new-3 2012 Survival Guide | v1.0 | Android | 1 MB [Turbobit]

    C9xvc - 2012 Survival Guide | v1.0 | Android | 1 MB [Turbobit]
    2012 Survival Guide v1.0 (Android) | 1.1MB

    Everything you need to know to SURVIVE December 21, 2012

    Some people believe that the end of the human race will occur soon but others are skeptical. This guide is meant for both of you.

    Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

    We are not here to convert the skeptics to believers. we don't want to put fear in the hearts of the public we just want to raise awareness. Even if you are a skeptic you need to be aware of the possible dangers and this is what this guide was made for so that each and everyone of us will be aware and maybe more able to handle with what will come on December 21, 2012.

    In this guide you will get information about the Mayan calendar and the secrets, about the things to come, how to be prepared for them and how to handle some of the difficult situations that you might be in.

    2012 The Survival Guide will help you be prepared for any situation that might arise from floods to economic collapse.

    This is the mobile version of the 2012 the survival guide.




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