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    new-3 Senti Wayk | v4.2 | Android | 4MB [Filedefend]

    V9yEa - Senti Wayk | v4.2 | Android | 4MB [Filedefend]

    An alarm clock that has no limits.

    Wayk up to the alarm clock of tomorrow, where you’ll quickly fall in love with the wave to snooze, voice response and your morning scoop that brings you your calendar and your news in a sleek style.


    Wave to Snooze* and Intelligent Dismiss*
    Pressing a button to snooze? Old school. With Wayk, you just wave your hand over the phone to snooze. Oh, and to dismiss? Wayk will figure it out on it’s own. It is a smart phone after all.

    The Clock*
    Setting your alarm just got real with Senti’s designer clock.

    Voice Recognition*
    Pick up your phone and tell it to “Snooze for 8 minutes”, “snooze” or “dismiss”.

    Google Calendar*
    We went ahead and added the ability to sync with your Google Calendar, so you can wake up feeling prepared.

    The Scoop*
    Choose from feeds such as Engadget, Fast Company and more, so that you’re always in the know on what you need to be.

    The Senti Interface*
    We focus on high quality minimalist design, so that everything is both sleek and easy to use.


    Download apk


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