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Thread: Iphone 5 review

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    Default Iphone 5 review

    iPhone 5 will be LTE* base because HTC Thunderbolt is LTE and this is time of competition so apple never make any 3G standard cell phone, Apple will develop new more advanced OS for iPhone 5 because google made too much innovation in android OS. General design iPhone 5 will remain consistent with iPhone 4, However antenna design will change due to signal problems, Every smart phone has signal problem no smart phone is perfect yet. In Apple industry there is seventeen phd engineer,
    their work is only to search on signal problem in Apple smart phones, New images of antenna design may find on google/images, But we do not know what is real image for iPhone 5, Apple contacting to different website to pull down rumor images for iPhone 5, But on internet you can still see rumor images for iPhone 5, Back of iPhone 5 may be made with Carbon not with glass like iPhone 4, its reason to improve design and strength and durability of phone. performance
    of iPhone 5 will be better than iPhone 4, Its processor will be dual core, Because in HTC Thunderbolt there is 1G Dual core processor and in other new smartphones as well so this is need of apple to introduce dual core technology in new iPhone, Apple Dual core processor name will be A5 or A8. Most important thing when choosing a new phone according to a Nokia Facebook poll is Camera 2nd is Battery timing, Now a day camera is a very important in mobile phones, and every mobile phone company is working to develop there best camera for their phones, in iPhone 4 there is 720p HD video recording camera and 5 megapixel autofocus still camera, But in iPhone 5 there will be 1080p HD video recording camera
    and 8 megapixel autofocus still camera. *LTE (Long term evolution) LTE is the next-step of the evolution of UMTS (3G) and HSDPA (3.5G),now known as 4G. Among the improvements over the currently used wireless mobile radio technologies are a better spectral efficiency, lower costs, higher transfer speeds, improved services, etc.

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    Default Re: Iphone 5 review

    Got my iPhone6 (16GB, Space Gray) last week. Luv every stff from Apple, and hope more enlightening iPhone iPad reviews here.


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