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    Default Bridle Beauty Tips

    Bridal Make Up e1312454633256 - Bridle Beauty Tips
    Wedding day is the most important and memorable day of one’s life. It is essential to get make up perfectly flawless by a renowned beautician, here are some tips.

    1.Donot apply alpha hydroxyl or retains cream a day before wedding.

    2.Before putting a makeup skin must be prepared by deep cleaning and then moisturizing 15 to 20 minutes before applying base.

    3.Use concealer in very small amount it can highlight the part of face it heavily applied.

    4.Apply the foundation according with skin tone of the skin.Dont skip the neck. Arms and feet, for oil based skin used water based formula and dib gently with loose powderto absorb extra oil and enhance its staying power.

    5.Powder based blush is the most audible of all. Ask the bridle to smile then cover the naturally blushes, keep it light otherwise it will look artificial….

    6.Avoid the gloss. Use a lipstick that last and is the perfect match with the shade of dress. For natural color outfit pink or red is appropriate. Dab talcum powder over the lipstick then apply another layer of it to make it more resistant.


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