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    Default 5 Natural Weight Loss Drinks

    Weight Loss Drinks for Desi Girls 595x446 - 5 Natural Weight Loss Drinks Not only food, choosing the right drinks can also help you to lose weight. The secret of weight loss not only of the amount of food on your plate or not only from the exercise and the exercise you do. Choosing the right beverage will help you to lose weight. Imagine, if you’ve set up a healthy diet and not high in calories, but you still drink soda, bottled fruit juices and even energy drinks, then your diet will be in vain. Moreover, these drinks are not healthy right? To achieve your weight loss more leverage, here are five drinks recommended by Reader’s Digest for you. 1. Mineral Water:
    We all already know about the benefits of mineral water which can help the process of weight loss and helps speed up metabolism, so the mineral water is the best beverage. If you get bored with the tasteless mineral water, you can add fresh lemon slices, cucumber slices or fresh tomato slices to taste without adding many calories. 2. Vegetable Juice: Vegetable Juice - 5 Natural Weight Loss Drinks Instead you drink vegetable juice and fruit juice that has been available in the package (which contains very little fiber and contain lots of sugar), it is better if you make your own vegetable juice. By drinking vegetable juice, you do not need to spend a long time like when you eat vegetables on a platter. With variations that you can change so as not to get bored, vegetable juice will keep you full longer with natural fibers.
    3. Fresh Tea: Fresh Tea - 5 Natural Weight Loss Drinks If you do not have a problem with constipation or constipation, so drink green tea without added sugars are recommended for you. Green tea is proven to increase your metabolism and accelerate weight loss. If you want a little sweet, would be better if you add honey instead of sugar. Black tea and oolong tea also gives the same effect. Both also contain antioxidants that can neutralize toxins in the body. 4. Black Coffee: Black Coffee - 5 Natural Weight Loss Drinks A cup of coffee in the morning or late afternoon will help you to lose weight, whether served warm or cold. Why coffee is good for losing weight, because the consumption of coffee will stimulate thermogenesis that increase metabolism. But you must be alert, add a little sugar and choose skim milk instead of mixing it with coffee cream that contain fat. 5. Skim Milk: Skim Milk 595x774 - 5 Natural Weight Loss Drinks Skim milk is one type of milk that has been processed so that little or no fat. No need to worry about the nutritional content, even though processed, skimmed milk still contains animal protein, vitamin D and calcium can help you increase your muscle mass. Calcium proved able to help the body burn fat, other than that you are also getting stronger bones. Feeling tired after a fitness workout? Drinking skim milk and a small chocolate is the best choice.


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