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    Default Free Online Education/Diplomas/Education

    NewStart Institute is a charitable organization for the advancement of practical job education. We offer FREE training in
    Accounting (13 course),
    Office Management( 11 courses).
    Web Programming (14 courses)
    Students get certificates for each course that they successfully complete and receive a diploma once they have successfully completed all of the courses within the discipline.
    As of September 2010, we have 28 graduates and 140 students that finished at least one course and on average, each student finished three courses. All of this is for FREE.
    We are using automated software and this allows us the following:

    1. Automate the registration. Students can register 24/7.
    2. Grading of multiple choice questions. Students can start, study and complete, any course at any time, 24/7 from their home.
    3. Issuance of certificates is also done on a 24/7 basis and the student receive their certificates immediately after completing the course.
    4. Our on-line communication team answers students' questions usually in one day.
    5. Furthermore, all study material for all courses are acquired from reputable, free on line, sources. Therefore, the courses are completely free. Students need not spend any money for the courses and materials.

    The fact that most of the work is automated allows us to offer free job training to an unlimited number of students.
    please visit our website at www.educationfree.org :

    1. In the middle of the page you will find information about registration and our courses.
    2. In the left of the page click on the tab "Graduated Students" for a list of graduated students.
    3. It is also worthwhile to click on the tab "Letters From Graduates"

    Here is an article written by the Ottawa Citizen: http://educationfree.org/dying_mans_last_wish_is_to_help_others_get_ahead.h tml

    Here is the list of the courses that we offer:

    • Basic Moodle training
    • Success strategies
    • Learning Vista
    • Microsoft Excel 2007
    • Microsoft word 2007
    • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
    • Microsoft Access 2007
    • Accounting Module 1
    • Accounting Module 2
    • Quick books
    • Soft skills, Management marketing
    • Business English
    • HTML Tutorial
    • HTML Advanced
    • CSS
    • XHTML
    • TCPIP
    • JAVA 1
    • JAVA 2

    Yours truly,
    Javed Akhter


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