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    Default Chaand ki chaandni

    Chaand ki chaandni

    chaand ki chaandni

    mere zameen par jo ~chandani ~ wo sub teri hai
    mere falak par jo dilkashi hai wo sub teri hai
    jo titliyon k paron pay likhay hai khat meray hain
    ye jugnoon main jo roshni hai wo sub tere hain
    jo shab par chai khamoshiyan hain wo sub mere hain
    seher main jitni bhi nagmgi hai wo sub tere hain
    jo tere manzar main or manzar hain sub mere hain
    jo mere seenay main shaire hai wo sub tere hai
    jo tery muthe main khushboven hain wo sub mery hain
    jo meri ankhon main roshni hai wo sub tere hai.


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