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Thread: Eid In India

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    Eid In India

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    After Turkey invaded India in around fourteenth century, the Islamic religion was introduced to Indians. Since then Islamic religion is an integral part of Indian culture. Around 16 percent of the population of India constitute of Muslims and thus, the effect is inevitable and profound as well. Thus, the festivals of Islamic people are of great importance in the country and are celebrated with equal fervor as that of Hindu festivals. Eid being the most awaited as well as religiously most significant festivals is a cause for festive mood all across the country.

    Muslims are spread all across the country and thus, the celebrations are not confined to particular regions. Eid in India is considered as a National Holiday. The mosques are full of Muslims for Eid prayers.

    Markets offer varied sweets and special delicacies to make Eid all the more exciting for people. The special Eid dish 'Sewaiyaan' comes in different forms and colors and are loved by people of all age.

    Celebrations of Eid are more or less same all over the world. But it is also true that Eid is colored in country's culture where it is being celebrated. Eid in India too has adapted to the culture and thus the mode of celebrations are unique. In India, Muslims donate money and other necessary items to the people in need.

    It is also called as the Thanksgiving day and thus, people throw big feasts. Like any other Indian festival, on Eid too all loved ones sit together and spend a merry time. It is also the day when people leave behind the enmity and quarrels and forgive all in order to start afresh.

    Islam preaches brotherhood, love and peace and asks it's followers to spread them all over. Eid helps greatly in this task. The festival unites everyone with one chord, the chord of happiness, which is experienced by all. Be it a Hindu or a Muslim, the festival brings for them an excuse to extend a hand of love and affection so that the bond gets strong with passing time.


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