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Thread: Eid In UAE

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    Default Eid In UAE

    Eid In UAE

    For the Muslim people sitting in United Arab Emirates, the occasion marks a cheerful time to be spent amongst friends, family and fellow Muslims. It is the season to indulge in feasts, enjoy and thank Allah for bestowing his blessings on all. In the midst of celebrations, there is a lot for everyone irrelevant of the age group he or she belongs to.

    The festive day commences with people getting ready with their new clothes on. Not only men, but young boys too wear the traditional dress which contains a long white traditional thoub and the head dress consists of a check patterned scarf fixed with the help of a black ring like turban, which is called Ogal. The bottom of the head dress is Tagiyah. In the same dress all of them perform their prayers in a mosque.

    UAE is mainly an Islamic country and therefore, the enthusiasm for the festival of Eid is certainly more than any other country in the world. The same ocean of fervor to celebrate the occasion can be seen in fairs organized during the season. They are decorated with lights and the traditional symbols like crescent moon, stars etc are hanging thereby adding a special charm to the settings.

    These fairs look enticing at night. People come with their friends and family and enjoy the day. They indulge in different celebratory games, henna painting on hands etc and see the performances of clowns and jugglers.

    This is a great way of socializing and freak out in modern times for most of the people. The aura created in the festive season is heavenly in UAE. After the strict rules of the month of Ramadan or the pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina, this is the time to enjoy the gift of God called life to it's fullest. Despite all these activities, the rituals and customs are given the utmost importance.


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