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Thread: Eid In USA

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    Default Eid In USA

    Eid In USA

    Around three to eight million population of United States Of America constitute of people belonging to Islamic religion. And over 800 mosques are there in the country. Despite being in USA for so many years, Muslims follow the fundamental rules of their religion. This trait is quite peculiar to the Muslim community residing in other parts of the world too. Therefore, be it USA or UAE, Eid is celebrated in the same traditional manner and with equal mirth and enthusiasm.

    Eid is celebrated the same day as Thanksgiving Day is in America. This is the time for Americans to pray God on the occasion of the advent of Harvest season. Thus, Christians too are in a festive mood. Moreover, the American holidays fall during the same season. People wear new clothes and visit mosque to offer prayers to Allah. The gift exchanging ceremony among loved ones follow the Eid prayer rituals. Then comes the time to celebrate and enjoy the day.

    All Muslims along with their kith and kin either go to Eid fairs or spend the time at home treating their guests with elaborate feasts. As in USA most of the Muslims are foreign migrants, their relatives live far of. Thus, going to fairs is the most viable option.

    These fairs and fests offer a great opportunity for them to interact with fellow Muslims. They indulge in games and participate in various activities. There is something or the other for everybody, be it a child, an adult, a woman, or an aged person. Such fairs are usually organized at places where the population of Muslims is more dense.

    Eid being one of the major festivals in US as well, American President too greets all on the auspicious day. For Americans also, Eid brings teaches the lesson of humanity, peace and brotherhood. Festivals like Eid help building the bond between people of different communities. They get to know more and more about the beauty of other civilizations so that the feeling of indifference fade away and only happiness and love prevail.


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