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    Default Eid ul Fitr Recipes | Walnut Honey Ice Cream

    Walnut Honey Ice Cream

    2139 - Eid ul Fitr Recipes | Walnut Honey Ice Cream

    Egg whites – 4

    Cold Cream – 2 cups

    Nuts – ½ cup (chopped)

    Condensed milk – 200g

    Honey – 2 tbsp

    Coco powder – 1 tsp
    Apply honey all around in the air tight container, then sprinkle some chopped nuts. Now beat egg whites until stiff foam. Then beat cream in another bowl (just a bit thick not too much, like in thick running form). Now add condensed milk, honey, coco powder and remaining nuts in cream and beat just for few seconds. Now add cream mixture in egg whites and beat for 2 seconds. Pour this mixture in prepared container and freeze until frozen. Serve this yummy ice cream and take rewards. If you don’t like walnuts then you can add pistachio or almond instead of walnuts.


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