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    Default Summaries from Poem

    Summaries from Poem

    Summaries from Poem

    * Seven Ages of Man
    * Samson Agonistes
    * The Solitary Reaper
    * Ulysses
    * The Man of Life Upright
    * Music when Soft Voices Die
    * Endymion
    * An Essay on Man

    Poem Summary Samson Agonistes

    Introduction of the Poet

    John Milton is regarded as one of the most famous poets of English Literature. His masterpiece Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained, Samson Agonistes earned him fame and honour. His individual style has a touch of sublimity and majesty which is quite appropriate to his noble and powerful ideas.
    Introduction of the Poem

    Samson Agonistes is an adaptation of the Greek drama form in blank verse, which recounts the tragedy of Samson in his blindness beset by enemies. This hero performed the decisive role in crushing the philistines who were the deadly enemies of his race. Samson, too got killed in that disaster but his heroic act saved his tribesman from the deadly enemy. By virtue of his glorious deed, his named earned eternity. It is rightly said:

    “Those who die for their nation live for ever.”

    Once the Philistines arranged a grand feast in a temple. The huge gathering included gentry from all parts of the country. A prisoner, Samson, was brought to display his immense strength and stamina through different stunts. Though he was blind, but performed very well and the leaders enjoyed it. After performing for some time, he feel exhausted and wished to be taken between the pillars for rest. He placed his arms on the pillars and stood with his head inclined as if he was lost in some profound thoughts or was busy in prayer. The foundation of great temple rested onto these two pillars. Ultimately he addressed the gathering and informed them that his final performance would be according to his own will and it would leave them amazed and fascinated.

    After the speech, Samson started to exert all his force and energy onto these massy pillars. The way he was jerking the pillars, it seemed as if the forces of nature had also come to his assistance and were enclosed in his body. Eventually, he was able to remove the pillars from their place and the whole roof collapsed with a loud rumble and explosion. All the people assemble there were buried alive under the pillars. Samson was unable to save himself from the claws of death and was also buried with them, but remained alive among the hearts of his people. In this way, he set an example of great sacrifice by giving up his life but eliminating his rivals.

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    Poem Summary The Solitary Reaper

    About the Poet

    Williams Words Worth is a poet who has developed his own immensely valuable theories concerning poetry. This is the reason why he possesses a unique and artificial style. His work shows his life long love for natural beauty, which gives hi the title Poet of Nature.
    About the Poem

    The poem entitled The Solitary Reaper relates to an incident, which deeply inspired the poet when he was walking alone through the barren hills of Scotland. He was fascinated by the sweet voice of a girl, who was singing a song in her native language.

    The poet was on one of his long walks along the barren hills of Scotland when he saw a young girl. She was all alone in the field, harvesting the crops and singing a song in a pensive tone. The poet was profoundly fascinated by the bewitching melody and her voice left an everlasting and indelible impression on the mind of the poet. This impression motivated the poet to write a poem in appreciation of the melodious voice of the girl.

    The poet says that the voice of the girl scattered all over the deep valley. He says that the musical notes of the young singer are symmetrical to the thrilling songs of the Nightingale and the Cuckoo. They were far sweeter than the humming of birds and impressed the heart deeply. The sweet melody appeals to the tired travelers of the Arabian Desert, who need relaxation after a long and monotonous journey. The voice leaves a deeper impact than the song sung by the Cuckoo birds. It gives more than just breaking the serenity and tranquility of the lonely seas.

    The poet says that although he failed to understand the exact wordings of the song, as the girl was singing in her native language, he could feel the sorrow and grief in her voice. It was a song of lamentation describing some suffering of every day life.

    In the end, the poet realizes that although he would never again get the opportunity to listen to that melodious voice, it would remain fresh in his mind forever. The beautiful gift of nature the girl had, became a source of ceaseless joy for the poet.

    “Great music is that which penetrates the ear with facility and leaves the memory with difficulty. Magical music never leaves the memory.”

    - Sir Thomas Beecham

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    Poem Summary Ulysses

    Introduction of the Poet

    Lord Alfred Tennyson occupies a very important and prominent position in the domain of English Literature. He is the representative poet of Victorian era. He is a prolific poet and has composed a number of poems. Tennyson’s poetry is rich in imagery as that of keats but it lacks the romantic fine of Words Worth and Coleridge.
    Introduction of the Poem

    Ulysses is a long, magnificent, symbolical and moral boosting poem. The poem is written in the dramatic monologues of the powerful blank verse and tells the story of the most prudent and bravest of the Greek heroes, Ulysses of Homer’s Odyssey. He is the symbol of adventurous spirit, indomitable courage, inexhaustible zeal; unflinching faith; unshakable determination and unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Ulysses wants to set out on a journey of discovery because he believes that it is not too late to find a New World.

    Ulysses was a Greek hero and the King of Ithaca. He had spent most of his life in voyages and was always filled with the spirit of ventures and courage. His life was based on the principle of struggle and courage.

    In this speech, Ulysses pays high tribute to his mariners who laboured and worked with him. He reminded them of the past endeavors and motivated them to get prepared for another voyage. Ulysses believed that struggle should continue as long as they lived. They had to prove their eagerness, enthusiasm and the ability to fight even with deities Ulysses invited his sailors to set off for another voyage in the hope of discovering new land in the far west. He was conscious of the dangers and hazards involved in such an exploitation but he was prepared to meet all the challenges.

    Ulysses admitted that with the passage of time, the major part of their lives and much of their energies have been used up and they had grown weaker. But their determination was as strong as ever and they do not find them selves lacking in strength and vitality. They find themselves still a force to reckon with. They are always bent upon making ceaseless efforts to discover new lands, and under no circumstances, giving up their struggle until ultimate success is achieved.

    “Struggle is the father of all things … it is not by the principles of humanity that man lives or is able to preserve himself above the animal world, but solely by means of the most brutal struggle.”

    - Adolf Hitler

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    Poem Summary The Man of Life Upright


    Thomas Campion was a prominent scholar, poet and musician of his time. Man of Life Upright is simple in expression but it contains depth of thought and feeling. The poem present the concept of an ideal personality, leading a highly disciplined and controlled life. He is master of himself.

    The pure and innocent heart of an upright man is free from evil ideas and intentions. He passes his life in simple happiness. He has perfect control over his wishes and emotions. As a result, worldly loss and problems fail to disturb him.

    He is confident and brave. He does not count on power or material resources. In a battle he depends upon God and seeks help from him. He does not have strong forts, weapons of war or secret cellars for his safety.

    This man faces the natural calamities such as stormy winds, heavy rains and tempest calmly and courageously. His faith in God remains firm and unshaken.

    “Faith is the force of Life.”

    - Tolstoy

    The poet says that this main shows complete indifference to the happy and unhappy events of Life. He is aware of that all wordly things and events are temporary and worthless. He seeks knowledge from the heavenly books and study of the objects of Nature adds to his wisdom and refines his intellect.

    Compion says that the main of upright life considers the world a place for brief stay. It no more than an inn, without any glamour or charm. He believes that his good deeds are his only assets and earning. When called upon by God, he will have to embark on the journey to the next and eternal world.

    “It matters not how long we live, but how we live.”

    - Bailey

    .................................................. .......................

    Poem Summary Music when Soft Voices Die


    The poem entitled Music when Soft Voices Die is a short one, yet the theme that it contains is very deep and profound. In this poem, we are told that we cannot forget our loved ones even though they are no longer with us.

    The poem tells us that even after we stop listening to good music, this soft music lingers on in our memories for a long time to come. Another example that he gives is of flowers like violets, telling us that even after flowers die away, their sweet scent lingers with us for a long time to come.

    Giving yet another example, the poet tells us that even after a rose withers away its petals, are scattered on the bed of loved ones in order to make the room sweet scented. In the last, he empresses the central idea asserting that everything and every one that we love can never be forgotten by us even though they are not with us any longer. Therefore, the poet declares that even though his beloved is no longer with him, yet her loving though shall live in his memory and even though the poet will not be able to actively show the love for her, yet in a silent, quite manner, he shall continue to love her as long as he lives.

    The conclusion then to draw from these lines is that the poet feels very rightly so that our loved ones are so precious and dear to us that no matter what happens we cannot forget them.

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    Poem Summary Endymion

    Introduction of the Poet

    John Keats is one of the finest English poets. In spite of living only for twenty-six years, he contributed a lot to English Poetry. His poems are spirited and lively. His personal life was a tale of sorrow and bereavement, but his keen observant eye made him an admirer of nature, which is fully reflected in his poems.
    Introduction of the Poem

    Endymion is poem of great beauty. In this poem John Keats has expressed his conception of beauty and has given a unique definition of beauty. According to Classical Mythology Endymion was a beautiful youth with whom moon Goddess fell in love and on whom she induced a perpetual sleep in order to kiss him without his knowledge.

    Endymion is a poem of great beauty. In this poem John Keats has expressed his conception of beauty and has given a unique definition of beauty. According to Classical Mythology Endymion was a beautiful youth with whom the moon goddess fell in love and on whom she induced a perpetual sleep in order to kiss him without his knowledge.

    In this poem the poet says that beauty is a constant source of joy. Its loveliness increases with the passage of time. Beauty is immortal. It appears in many shapes. The world is full of misery but the beautiful objects of nature such as the sun, the moon, old and new trees and flowers give us great pleasure and we forget our griefs.

    “Beauty moves away the pall from our dark spirits.”

    We also see glimpses of beauty of the grand places, which we imagine for the mighty dead. Similarly we derive great pleasure from lovely tales which we have read or heard. There are masterpieces of literature and Art which serve as source of eternal joy. Heroic deeds and lives of great men of the past too, are among these objects of beauty. It is the heights of keat’s imagination All these visions of beauty are like a fountain, which gives an immortal drink to our thirsty souls.

    “Imagination is the eye of the soul.”

    - Joubert

    Beauty is truth, turth beauty that is all

    Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know

    - John Keats

    John Keats is an ardent lover of beauty. This is his fundamental belief and it operates in all his poems. He is really in search of Truth. He wants to enjoy beauty to the best possible degree. Endymion is a magnificent poem, which reflects profound love of the poet for beauty as it is a constant source of spiritual joy. Therefore one must not forget:

    "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever"

    .................................................. ...........................................

    Poem Summary An Essay on Man


    The poem entitled An Essay on Man is composed by a prominent English poet Alexander Pope. He has discussed in his typical style, the nature, conduct and destiny of Man..

    “The Proper study of Mankind is Man.”

    - Pope

    In the opening lines of the poem, Pope says that God has concealed future and fate from all creatures. They are absolutely unaware of the forth-coming event. God has hidden from animals what he has given to man and from man what he has given to the angles, otherwise, it would be impossible to live here in, God has given to his creatures only what they can afford to know.

    The lamb does not know that it is going to be sacrificed. Would it know, it would not skip and play. Man knows that the lamb is going to be sacrificed and he can afford this knowledge but the lamb can not. Pleased to the last it licks the hand, which is going to shed its blood. The poet says that God remains indifferent to the day to day happenings and rise or fall of human beings. Ion his eyes, the death or decline of a great hero or the death of a tiny bird are incidents of similar significance. Since God prefers none to none there is no possibility of any injustice from God. What ever is given is nothing but in our interest. So we should hope and wait the great teacher Death and pray to God.

    Hope soars high with flattering wings. We should uphold the banner of hope and thankful to God for this gift of unawareness. In the concluding lines of the poem, Pope gives his vies on the condition of human soul and the role of hope in human life. He says that hope never deserts human beings. It remains alive and active in human heart forever.

    It is hope, which inspires human beings to keep striving and moving ahead. Man is never contented with his present condition and circumstances. He always hopes and struggles to get into a better position. The light of hope gives courage and will to work to the moral beings.

    About human soul, the poet remarks that it never enjoys a moment of real joy and peace in this world. It is constantly restless, disturbed and far from its real and eternal home. The eternal abode of human soul is Heaven. It aspires to liberate itself from the material cage of human body and go back to its original and final home. Human soul hopes to live there permanently enjoying peace comfort freedom and happiness.

    “When all else is lost, Future still remains.”

    - Bovee

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