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    Default We Told You Once

    This isn't fun anymore.
    The battle of wits and who is better,
    has suddenly became very real.
    Your so called clever game has been revealed,
    and now you're going to see what monsters you've made,
    Alice. One step and twirl, and here you are again.
    If it isn't broken then don't fix it,
    and you've officially broken what was okay
    . It was fine though at first,
    because you were fixing what you destroyed
    when you again saw the white rabbit.
    But you lied to him and to us all again,
    and destroyed this perfect peace we've came to,
    and now you're going to pay the price.
    Take a step back and we'll pretend you never came back,
    we told you once and we'll tell you again
    Alice, do not come near my tea party,
    and don't come within ten feet of the rabbit hole.
    The hatter is too nice,
    so we'll show you why small animals are still considered dangerous. -


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