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    Default The Way You Make Me Feel

    The Way You Make Me Feel

    You make me feel special,
    You make me feel new,
    You make me feel loved,
    With everything you do.

    You hold me close when I am sad.
    You wipe the tears from my face.
    Every time we are together,
    It seems like the perfect place.

    My eyes light up when you enter a room.
    I smile when we are together.
    No matter how bad things are,
    You always make them better.

    I love the way you can make me
    For absolutely no reason at all.
    I love how no matter what I do,
    You will be there to catch me when I fall.

    I just want you to know,
    That even though we sometimes fight,
    I will always love you!
    No matter what, day or night.


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