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    Default An Expression Of Loneliness

    ~¡~An Expression Of Loneliness~¡~

    Life is a strange book...No matter how much I OBSERVE it...I can never predict what the next page will bring me...Sometimes the cool breeze brings nice stories with it,I START DREAMING...With open eyes,and a little smile on my face....The dream goes on and I slowly and silently creep behind it...I forget its a dream...The happiness touches my heart and the mirth penetrates my ears so deep that I forget the truth.The dream then pulls me closer and wraps its hands around my eyes.It hides...

    Something...something I don't wanna see...It whispers a sweet song into my ears...A song I always craved to hear.I get elated and absorbed in the feeling...

    ...An electic rain starts to pour over me and I feel it cleanse my heart and soul...Suddenly my mind start to realise something and heads towards reality,But the dream embraces me so tight that I force my heart to stay back...The dream caresses my head and gives me warmth, I haven't felt for long.....I hold on to the dream really tight,Snuggle up and fall asleep...

    ...But dreams are ephemeral...the harsh daylight pulls me back to reality...I open my eyes...wake up to an empty world.Where I don't even have someone I can share my dream with.An unknown pain starts hurting me...I close my eyes again...In hope to return to the dream again.....but its lost.....with closed eyes and dumb voice I start talking to myself...

    Nothing changes,excepting the realisation that I'm lonely again and this is how I Express my "LONELINESS".....

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    There is time for everything.
    Thomas A. Edison
    I demolish my bridges behind me...then there is no choice but to move forward.
    Firdtjof Nansen


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