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    Default Top 10 Great Invations

    Everyone know that world’s change day to day.This changing make your life more comfortable and entertaining.This changing create our sicntis which make unbelievable thing for human use.this new invention some time create problem and some time make life more relax able.Now i have top 10 invention that i post here now you tell me is it valuable for you or not?
    1. Robot able to create emotions and feelings.

    1 - Top 10 Great Invations
    Meet Nao: The first robot able to develop emotions and form a bond with humans
    The first robot capable of developing emotions and forming bonds with humans has been unveiled by scientists.
    Nao has been designed to mimic the emotional skills of a one-year-old child and is capable of forming bonds with people who treat it kindly.
    The robot has been developed to use the same types of expressive and behavioral cues that babies use to learn to interact socially and emotionally with others.
    University of Hertfordshire researcher Dr Lola Canamero with Nao, a robot that can show its emotions and form a bond with humans
    It is able to detect human emotions by studying body-language and facial expressions and becomes better at reading someone’s mood over time as it grows to ‘know’ the person.
    It is also able to remember its interactions with different people and memories their faces.
    Nao have been created through modeling the early attachment process that human and chimpanzee infants undergo when they are very young.
    It forms part of a European project called FEELIX Growing that is being led by Lola Canamero, a computer scientist at the University of Hertfordshire.
    ‘This behavior is modeled on what a young child does,’ said Dr Cañamero. ‘This is also very similar to the way chimpanzees and other non-human primates develop affective bonds with their caregivers.’
    Nao is programmed to become particularly attached to an individual who interacts with the robot in a certain way that helps it to learn.
    It is capable of expressing anger, fear, sadness, happiness, excitement and pride and will get upset if the human fails to comfort it or when confronted by a stressful situation that they cannot cope with.
    Its ‘brain’ lets it remember good or bad experiences from the past.
    ‘We are working on non-verbal cues and the emotions are revealed through physical postures, gestures and movements of the body rather than facial or verbal expression,’ Dr Cañamero said.
    The scientists believe that robots like Nao could be used in the future to give care to the elderly.
    The project is collaboration between eight universities and robotics companies across the EU.
    2. A building looks like PlayStation 3.

    2 - Top 10 Great Invations

    The Parks Tower in Osaka is part of the Namba Parks development.But architects, Nikken Sekkei, can’t be accused of immitating Sony’s famous Playstation.Striking resemblance: The Parks Tower in Namba Parks, Osaka, and the Playstation 3. Any similarities is entirely coincidental since the building went up three years before the games console came out.The tower block went up three years before the PS3 was released in 2006.
    2 image - Top 10 Great Invations

    That fact didn’t stop gamers circulating the photograph on messageboards this week.Some joked that the building could be in for a ‘slimmer redesign’.
    3. World’s 1st pedal-boat submarine unveiled in France.

    3 550x365 - Top 10 Great Invations
    Stephane Rousson, chief designer of the Scubster submarine, a pedal-powered personal wet sub, is seen underwater during testing in Villefranche sur Mer, southeastern France, July 28, 2010. Rousson will attend the upcoming International Submarine Race in Bethesda in Maryland, U.S, June 2011. The streamlined carbon fiber Scubster, build by Rousson, moves up to the desired 10kph (6.2mph) speed, and 5 meters (16 feet) in the depths of the sea. Scubster team will take part in next year’s International Submarine Race, which is scheduled to be held at the Naval Surface Warfare Center-Carderock Division, Bethesda, Maryland between June 27 and July 1, 2011.
    4. Without a driver car easily run on the road.

    4 - Top 10 Great Invations
    Engineers today began the longest-ever test trip of driverless vehicles from Italy to China to examine the limits of future automotive technology.Two bright orange vehicles will aim to cover 8,000 miles through the traffic of Moscow, the summer heat of Siberia and the bitter cold of the Gobi desert before the planned arrival in Shanghai at the end of October.’What we are trying to do is stress our systems and see if they can work in a real environment, with real weather, real traffic and crazy people who cross the road in front of you and a vehicle that cuts you off,’ said project leader Alberto Broggi.A technician works on an unmanned electric-powered vehicle in Parma, Italy. Next week, four electric-powered orange vans depart on what has been conceived as the longest-ever test drive of unmanned vehicleThe trip consists of two pairs of vehicles, each with a driven lead van followed by a driverless vehicle occupied by two technicians, whose job is to fix glitches and take over the wheel in case of an emergency.The driverless vehicle takes cues from the lead van, but will have to respond to any ordinary obstacles or dangers. The two pairs alternate stretches along the route to China.’We will definitely need some help by humans. It is not possible to have 100 % driverless. This is why I call it a test, not a demonstration,’ Mr Broggi said.Governments have yet to produce rules of the road for driverless vehicles, so the team has obtained prior permission from all countries along the route to carry out the experiment.
    4 image - Top 10 Great Invations
    The vehicles are equipped with four laser scanners and seven video cameras that work in concert to detect and help avoid obstacles
    To protect themselves from liability, they are placing one of the technicians in the driver’s seat, ready to assume the controls or hit an emergency shutdown button if necessary.
    4 image 1 - Top 10 Great Invations
    The unmanned vehicles can also be controlled via remote control
    The technology developed by Vislab, an artificial vision and intelligent systems lab at Italy’s University of Parma, might one day allow driverlessvehicles to transport goods across Europe.
    Analysts say such technology is feasible in the foreseeable future, but some question its utility.
    ‘It begs the question why. In Australia, you have big trucks with three or four trailers attached in the desert.
    ‘Why do you need an autonomous vehicle if you can connect them with a piece of steel?’ said Andrew Close, an analyst at IHS Automotive.
    Close said he expected it to take at least a decade before a convoy of driverless vehicles following a lead would be ready to hit the road on a transport job. Mr Broggi said driverless vehicles are probably 20 years away.
    But elements of the technology could find applications much quicker.
    For example, the scanners being tested could soon allow farmers to program tractors to plough and seed fields through the night.
    The project has been funded with a £1.5 million grant from the European Commission’s European Research Council.
    5. Unique Flash Disk in the World.

    In the past flash disk is looking so bad and boring.But now in these day engineers make it so good and good looking and so interesting.You can you use flash disk as a fashion watch etc.i have some collection of very beautiful flashes.
    5 - Top 10 Great Invations
    A flash drive look like a Door lock.
    5 image - Top 10 Great Invations
    you can use flash drive as a watch and cray it anywhere its incress your personalty
    5 image 1 - Top 10 Great Invations
    A toy as a usb.
    5 image 2 - Top 10 Great Invations
    5 image 3 550x550 - Top 10 Great Invations
    That is a flash drive card.you can easily put into you pocket.
    5 image 4 - Top 10 Great Invations
    You can make your use into a black tiger toy.
    5 image 5 - Top 10 Great Invations
    red card usb.
    5 image 6 - Top 10 Great Invations
    usb looking like a human fingers.
    6. Gameboy Hoodie

    6 - Top 10 Great Invations
    “This is a Captain N’ Gameboy Hoodie I made my husband for Halloween. He thought it was a fantastic idea, and thought I should put them up on Etsy to sell. This is the Gameboy from the Captain N series. This is a hoodie, with sewn on fabric. The fabric is a nice fleece that will stay and look great on your hoodie after many washes.”
    7. Products and inventions From Google.

    7 - Top 10 Great Invations
    google papers
    7 image - Top 10 Great Invations
    Google shoes
    7 image 1 - Top 10 Great Invations
    Google board
    7 image 2 - Top 10 Great Invations
    Google puzzle
    7 images 3 - Top 10 Great Invations
    Google mouse
    7 images 4 - Top 10 Great Invations
    Google underwear.I am feeling lucky. : )
    7 images 5 - Top 10 Great Invations
    Google soap
    8. Custom Scooters from Japan

    8 550x436 - Top 10 Great Invations
    A very unique designs of scooters, Its looks better then a bike.
    8 iamge 2 550x379 - Top 10 Great Invations
    8 image 550x412 - Top 10 Great Invations
    8 image 1 550x350 - Top 10 Great Invations
    8 image 3 550x409 - Top 10 Great Invations
    8 image 4 550x412 - Top 10 Great Invations
    8 image 5 550x412 - Top 10 Great Invations
    9. Microsoft intros Kin Smartphone

    9 - Top 10 Great Invations
    Microsoft intros Kin Smartphone for fast and easy social networking,
    Intended towards teenagers or users active in online social networking, Microsoft has announced a Smartphone called “Kin” that lets you plug straight into social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and so on, to pull all of your friends and feeds into a single stream to share photos, videos, songs and other content without wasting any time and efforts. Presented in two models, Kin One and Kin Two, former for everyday users and the latter for avid teenagers and users, the new phone combines the features of the Zune and Windows Phone 7, though on an entirely different platform.
    9 image - Top 10 Great Invations
    The Kin One featuring a squircle-shaped slider that simply fits in your hand is more attractive out of the two. It comes with a tiny 320×240 screen, 5 megapixel camera, VGA video recording and 4GB of non-expandable storage, while on the other hand, the Kin Two offers an average slider, but with some beefy specs, including 480×320 screen, 8 megapixel camera, 720p video recording and 8GB non-expandable storage. Both the handsets run on Nvidia’s Tegra to allow easy usage and data sharing.
    10. High heels for potted plants

    10 - Top 10 Great Invations
    Wow its looking so awesome.i can’t be believe that ladies heels designs can be use for this.
    10 image - Top 10 Great Invations
    10 image 1 - Top 10 Great Invations
    10 images 2 - Top 10 Great Invations

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    zabrdst sharing dear.......
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    Great sharing.


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