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    Default Diamond Studded Timepiece

    Vacheron Constantin Kalla Duchesse Large Model, the ultimate timepiece won Best Jewelry Watch Award during the 2009 Vogue Jewels Awards. It is made of 18kt white gold case with sparkling diamonds lining up the entire bracelet, bezel and even the face of the watch. Vacheron Constantin Kalla Duchesse Large Model watch looks like the watch is only an excuse to showcase such exquisite stones. Made from white gold, this beautiful watch will surely appeal to every man. A genuine masterpiece, the Kalla Duchesse Haute Joaillerie admirably sublimates the arts of jewellery and Haute Horlogerie, transcending them to enshrine a vibrantly luminous creation. Vacheron Constantin Kalla Duchesse large model is priced at $1,100,000.

    94972375 - Diamond Studded Timepiece

    60215011 - Diamond Studded Timepiece

    29101164 - Diamond Studded Timepiece


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