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Thread: how is 2013??

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    Default how is 2013??

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    As compared to 2010, 2011, 2012 we face many problm difficulties as like shortness of electricity, lack of water supply, and petrol amount raised highly this things confused the people. and i think in my point of view terroist start destrying our country since 2010 to till now adn our goverment and our police tae no action till now many of people many of mother's sons many of sister's bro is die in bomb blasting we shuold take step against this and since 2010 to till now Pakistan take loan of million and billion of dollers if you people wanna any work about our country you just shuld take step to change the history of Pakistan..

    why others country people refuse to come Pakistan because nothing we have for fun for any other things or epecially electricity and terrioism... and you know?? our 2 karor children are not going school and we shoud take step about study also so therefor our new generation will also join school collages university etc..

    and this is only possible when our gover,ent is join us and politicians will join us and think about how to develp our countery pakistan the year 2013 will like as u want only and if only if u work with faith and honestly everyone shulold work faithly and honestly otherwise one day our country is not counted is wrold map.. and the main thing is sepraid fastly is no respect for women people hate people and paly with them with theri body and rap every night any where and no one take step about this thing also womens girls are the bright future of Pakistan please stope doing this this thing not take good in this world and not at finla day...

    the main reason of this topic to say that we shuold pay our responsibilites wid faith and honestly we wannt a new Pakistan not like 2010, 2011, 2012 we wannt new contry hope you will get my point...

    we have the God blessed thing in this country but except this we use courputin and loans methods to fulfil our requirment we have no courage to do anything for our country for our faimly for other except we use wrongs ides... just chnge your idesa and thining habbits then see everting will chage with time..i hope the comming year will bring many of happines and peace in our lovely blessed country PAKISTAN..

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