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    Default Happy New Year 2014 SMS Collection

    Happy New Year 2014 SMS Collection

    At last of year
    Thanx to those who hated me, they made me a stronger person.
    Thanx to those who loved me.
    they made my heart bigger.
    Thanx to those who were worried about me.
    They let me know that they cared about me,
    thanx to those who left me, thay made merelaized that nothing lasts forever.
    Thanx to those who entered my life & never left, they made me know who i am .and at last i Apologize to them who think that i Hurt them.


    My wishes for you in year 2014
    Great start for Jan,
    Love for Feb,
    Peace for march,
    No worries for April
    Fun for May,
    Joy for June to Nov,
    Happiness for Dec,
    Have a lucky and wonderful 2014.


    2014 is coming

    Wish u a very
    Happy new year
    Valentine’s day
    23rd march
    14 august
    Eid ul fitr
    Eid ul azha
    Friendship day
    Mother, father
    Dadi, dada
    Nana, nani
    Children’s day
    Happy b’day
    365 good mornings
    After noons, evenings’
    & nights
    Roz roz ka drama nahi
    Hota mujh se
    Ab pura saal mat kehna
    SMS nahi kia


    New rules of life for 2014
    1. Haste Rehne ka.
    2. Tension nai leneka.
    3. B positive, eat positive, sleep positive
    4. Mast rehneka.
    5. Har problem ko solve kernay ka.
    6. Friend k sath lifetime friendship account kholnay ka
    7. Mujhko yaad rakhnay ka
    Aur mujhey sms kertay rehnay ka.


    Question of the Day:
    What is your Most Favorite Memory of 2013
    That's Related to Me.

    Send It to Your Friends and get Interesting Memories.
    But Reply Me 1st.


    As the year 2013 draws to an end
    Remember the laughter

    As you know that 2
    The old year has gone
    Time to address A new year
    Hours of happy time
    new year is the time
    when the mid night bells rings
    in the universal ban

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