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    Default My Mobile Browsing Experience

    How to Select Best Browser for your Smart Phone/Mobile
    I am a mobile user since 2008 and using internet also. I need to be stay updated and get the news from all around the world. For that purpose you should have a Browser that fulfills your needs and requirements. I found UC Browser fulfilling all of my needs, I found following things in the UC browser that attracted me so I decided I should provide you some knowledge about UC Browser so that you should compare your browser with UC and know who is better.

    The UC browser is developed by UCWeb (Previously known by UC Mobile). Launched in 2004 and that time it was only on J2me Application later it was available for Android, Windows and iOS, Blackberry, Java and Symbion.
    The UC Browser has its strong user in China and other countries as well. In March 2014 it has crossed its users 500 millions.
    Let me introduce you with some of its features which are attracting me more.
    Fast Browsing
    My previous experience with Chrome and Opera was not so good and I just tried the UC Browser and I was amazed that it is speedier then others, it was almost 20% faster than others.
    Speed Mode
    UC Browser has an option named as Speed Mode as you will active that option the browser will start compressing the WebPages and thus the loading time of the WebPages will be lesser then anyone other browser. By such option business person can get benefits of saving of his precious timing and cost which already effects upon the goodwill of that person.
    Reduced Data cost
    In Pakistan most of people are sensitive about the data they are using which is diminishing with time more and more the UC Browser has overcome on it now surf more and download more. When you are surfing UC compresses the WebPages and when the Webpage is compressed ultimately the data which is being loaded in lesser so the user has to pay less money for browsing.
    Most of the users in Pakistan are not aware that how the virus comes through internet? The question has a long answer but the solution is very small that is UC.
    UC Browser protects you from malicious kind of data and viruses that may harm your device by its filters. UC Browser has a largest list of malicious sites from Trend Micro. By such regard your phone can be saved from the viruses and you should never suffer from Data Loss.
    Easy and Quick Navigation
    While you are surfing on internet you are embarrassed whether to go on your browser as it is hard to find something or to go some website that your browser takes time in navigation and irritates you, UC would be the best option for those people who don’t want to navigate through their old browser.
    Faster Downloading Speed
    In this I can swear I did not find any other browser faster than UC in downloading. As my previous browser was Opera I used to surf and download through it but if I download 10 things I had to download them more than three or four times so that it could be download for one time, but I used UC it was shocking that all of my stuff was downloaded and only in first time of clicking/ touching the downloading link for one time. UC uses the Proprietary U3 Kernel Technology, it enhances the speed of the downloading by reducing the speed of browsing a little and faster the speed of downloading.

    Convenient Downloading
    I found UC more convenient and smart in downloading then of other browsers. While I was using opera I had to pray to God that it should finish so that I could also do my other works on my mobile but when I started to use UC I am in rest now I can pause, resume, or pause even until next day and set the option of the downloading files so that easily all files could be download. It auto resumes the files after that is in the line as you set the number of downloads on one time.
    Incognito Browsing
    Some of people use to search some special kind of things and some people don’t want to show the others that what they are browsing and they want it secret. In the past everybody had to delete their browsing history and when sometime they forget to delete the history all of their secrets were know to people and sometimes they suffer from the spread of data to those who don’t even deserve to know about it.
    Ad Block
    UC Browser also protects you from unwanted and malicious kind of ads that waste your timing and cost and it also saves you from the malwares which harm your device.
    Local Services
    Pakistanis are crazy for cricket, In past they had to google about the score of their favorite teams but UC made it easier by adding a widget on its main screen so that the cricket lovers could easily know the current situation of their favorite team.
    The people are also crazy about updating their status on Facebook and posting a Tweet. UC Browser made it easier, faster and reliable for those people they can easily navigate to Facebook or twitter through the widget on the main page of the UC Browser. And this is 130% faster than other browsers whether it is Opera, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
    The main screen of the UC Browser also have a variety of widgets for your convenience to navigate, that is why I am praising the UC Browser. Following is the list of some of those widgets designed for you,
    C Net
    When you are searching for apps and you are not well known to your mobile operating software and also don’t know from where you should search out your Applications don’t be worried UC Browser is giving a platform for such applications. Just come on UC Browser main page and navigate to your desired application and enjoy.
    How to Download UC Browser
    It is very easy to install UC Browser in your device just click on the following link and enjoy the faster way of browsing,

    Download UC Browser for Android, iPhone, Symbian, Java - UC Browser
    I hope this should be helpful to you in selecting a good browser for your device.

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    Default Re: My Mobile Browsing Experience

    hmmm Awesome Info About browser nice sharing :P keep it up :P


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