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    Default A Message for Muslim Females

    I came across to this lovely msg thought to share with all of My xitclub Friends N Specially Sisters here.

    2557873vasz1941vj - A Message for Muslim Females

    I came across many Muslims girls who thanks that wearing Hijab or GENTLE clothes make them look backward or ugly..but with this Article I want to share my views with Sisters,



    I wear my hijab because I want people to judge me for WHO I AM, rahter than what I look like…

    If a room is full of (cheap) white marbles, and if there is also one that is pure and red, sure enough it needs a jewel box for protection. If I am that pure and red marble, my hijab is that jewel box that protects me.. Hijab covers my head NOT the brain!!!.. , It does’nt abstain me from free thinking and to continue it fruitfully..

    Question : What is HIJAB newquestion - A Message for Muslim Females

    Answer : Hijab is nothing but full clothes and a scarf on head.. Although few scholars say that it also means to cover ur face..

    The reasons for this:

    1. The main purpose of hijab is a ’security’ for woman!..

    2. Even with scientific point of veiw, wearng hijab saves woman beauty and skins’ senstive pigments..

    3. Woman wearing incomplete dress of course temptate opposite sex.. which ultimately result into ‘rape cases’ .

    Islam highly respects woman, we are considered as the ‘jewels and diamonds in Mankind due to ISLAM ‘ . so it forbids all such acts that can cause pain and disrespect for woman.A Hooligan who is waiting for an opportunity to tease a girl.

    Who will he teasenewquestion - A Message for Muslim Females

    The girl wearing the Islamic Hijaab or the girl wearing the mini skirt or shortsnewquestion - A Message for Muslim Females

    4. The west that claims of giving woman ALL rights, may forget that in USA,1 woman is raped in every 32 second!

    5. The Voting Rights are given to Women in America few years back,but In Islam its given from last 1400+ years before.

    Moreover Hijab is not a piece of cloth on your head. It’s a way of life.
    Just because some of the sisters have their head covered, they think that the requirement of Hijaab is fulfilled. They don’t realize that wearing a Hijaab requires much more than just covering your head.

    Actually, if you think about it :

    Hijaab is the way you talk…..

    the way you walk….

    the very way you carry yourself.

    In fact, Hijaab is an attitude in itself. Its a whole way of life.

    You can’t wear tight jeans and a short shirt with a piece of cloth on your head and think this is Hijaab. Nor can you wear anything else that is tight, describing the shape of the body in any way, even if it is long.

    The Prophet (Sal Allaahu Alaiyhi wa Sallam) said:

    “In later (generations) of my ummah there will be women who will be dressed but naked. On top of their heads (what looks) like camel humps. They will not enter into paradise or (even) get a smell of it.” (Muslim)

    My dear sisters,


    You know watnewquestion - A Message for Muslim Females

    We the girls – have a great role in this world..

    a great man said that “GIVE ME GOOD MOMS I WILL GIVE U GOOD NATIONS”

    Allah SWT has blessed us with the power of loving and caring nature that wins men heart, history is witness that woman has a great INFLUENCE in man life;
    The Cruel king of Egypt “FAROON” broke his self made law of killing the baby boys on the WISH OF HIS WIFE; and adopted prophet mosa PBUH.

    There are so many such examples..

    we can bring the revolutionary changes in our society by truly following Islam and obeying Allah.. since all the men are either our brothers, our fathers, husband or SONS.. By utilizing our capabilities we can make the men a great person of society..
    A criminal is also a SON of mother – a women..!! if mother train her son according to ISLAM, how can there be any coruptionnewquestion - A Message for Muslim Femalesnewquestion - A Message for Muslim Females

    So my dear sisters,Make your self a True Muslim and care the responsibilities that ALLAH has bestowed u..!!

    And the last but not least,Here are the few tips for u;

    -To get attractve smile avoid jealousy and envy..
    -To have beautiful lips always speak the truth..
    -To make your eyes beautiful, Lower your gaze towards strange men..
    -For jewelry and ornaments, beautify your self with knowledge and education..
    -To make you hands beautiful, give charity.
    -To protect hairs from damage wear Hijab.
    -To have a fresh look pray 5 times daily.
    -Want a beautiful voice, recite the glorious Qur’an.
    -To make your heart pure and beautiful, be forgiving and loving..

    Note : If there is anything wrong then please Forgive me,correct me and inform me to fix.Indeed I’m also a human and can do mistakes !


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    awesome thread dear keep it up JazakAllah


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