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    Default The Sunnat of Night

    The Sunnat of Night

    To recite "Bismillah" while closing the doors and latching the lock {Bukhari}

    Containers with foodstuff should be covered {Bukhari}

    To put out any burning fire {Bukhari}

    To have available a container of surma and apply it thrice to each eye. {Mishkaat}

    To lay or spread the bed oneself. {Muslim}

    To dust the bed before sleeping. {Mishkaat}

    To make miswaak before sleeping. {Mishkaat}

    To sleep using pillows. {Muslim}

    To sleep on the floor, bedding or bed. {Nashrut tib}

    To sleep on the right side, facing qibla. {Bukhari}

    To sleep with the right hand under the head and the knees bent. {Bukhari}

    To recite "Allahumma bismika amautu wa ahya" - "O Allah


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