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Thread: Every good deed

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    Abu Huraira reported Allah S.W.T's Messenger Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Aalhih Wassallam as saying :Ramadan, a blessed month has come to you during which Allah S.W.T has made it obligatory for you to fast. In it the gates of the Garden are opened, the gates of the Fire are Locked and the rebellious shayatan is chained. in it Allah S.W.T has a night which is better than a thousand months.He who is deprived of its good indeed suffered deprivation! '
    'Ahmad and Nasa'i transmitted it.

    Every good deed will be rewarded from ten to seven hundred fold except fasting which is endured for My Sake and which i shall reward.
    'Hadith Qudsi, Sahih al Bukhari

    'By Him Who holds my life in His Hand the breath of the fasting man's mouth is more fragant before Allah S.W.T and better pleasing to him than redolent musk.'
    'Sahih muslim

    'Paradise has a gate which is called Al-Rayyan through which not one shall enter except those who have observed the fast.
    'Sahih al- Bukhari

    'Two joys are prepared for him who observes the fast, the joy of breaking the fast and that OF MEETING HIS LORD.
    'Sahih al-Bukhari

    'Praise be to Allah S.W.T who has indeed shown great favour to His servants.Who has frustrated the hopes and plans of Shaytan
    by making fasting a bulwark and a shield for His friends.'


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