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    Default Our terrorist are special & invisible that reasons yet not caught & punished

    Our terrorist are special & invisible that reasons yet not caught & punished

    I want to share my words with all In Pakistan those who are linked or engaged in terrorist activities and many people’s they killed still never caught by our Police department the reasons I understand they are more powerful, clever and invisible after conducting their killing works gently moves but Police and Law enforce police always comes after they left the scene.

    What reasons in our country not a single terrorist yet caught or punished or hanged. If our Government sincere and feel pain, cries of those families who lost their bread earners than do not make un-necessary delay in arresting terrorist or real culprits.

    I heard several times in news media they caught some people but most of time from banned organization Sipa-e-Shaba activities when caught they covered with their faces in order to give protection. Those people who killed many and still pledge to kills than our Government remain silence which is big question mark?

    Why we can’t stop or teach a memorable lesson to mad and brainless terrorist those who dream to go heaven when killed any shia’s but their real place to go to hell but they always dream in day light for heaven which is full of foolishness they shown and spoilt the image of Islam. Please stop to telling own self they have any relation or connection with Islam.

    But the question that who provide funds, support, training to their terrorist and their activities day by day become dangerous for our country and destroying our economy and peace.

    Before too late please do positive steps not to catches a few innocents’ people and then frames terrorists charges but real way think how to destroy their supply and training chains, destroy back bone and so in future no terrorist exits in our country? Perhaps some invisible hands working and support the terrorist activity those are real way enemies of Pakistan and Islam too please expose those faces to entire nation.

    Thanking You.

    (shadab mehar)


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