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    Default Being Muslims why you accept or pay “bribes”

    Being Muslims why you accept or pay “bribes”

    I want to express with all Muslim’s followers if those who are taking or giving “bribes” than doing a greatest level of sin. According to Islamic teaching when a person give or takes “bribes” than he will place “hell” no one can deny from this famous Hadis if he is Muslims followers.

    Than what reasons you taking or paying bribe consider as “gift to you & your family” Suppose If “Wine” is Harram than if a person want to drink wine than conducting worst sin. No one have authority to add or reduce anything religion than he is considers out of Islam.

    I request if a person earning bread for him and entire family by Harram source the concern person is answerable and punishable. If compare with Halal source of limited income VS un-limited Harram income have no importance or value in God eyes.

    Those who offer 5 times Prayers (Namaz) and do not hesitate to getting Bribe than what a purpose of offering Namaz. This namaz do not give any benefits to him but simply exercise of body.

    If you interested and ready to burn in hell than keep eating bribe amount. I am very surprise for those who can’t work till person give him bribe than his figures automatically start working even officer or his boss not available

    In last I would say any ill-legal work done in Pakistan by giving “bribes” and consider it genuine and legal. On parallel if an honest person wants to do his genuine work done without giving “bribes” than perhaps “angles of God” perhaps can’t help the gentleman to expedite his work. In short bribes have more attraction and powers but the ends will burn in Hell forever.

    Before too late and you have no spare time to change your life style or get mercy fro God for spending sinful life’s when “angle of death” suddenly comes to captured your soul? That time you will really awake than your regret or crying total helpless to you.

    Thanking You.

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