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    new_new {f a r a q}

    {F A R A Q}
    Farq sirf itna tha
    "Udhar the jhande kale,
    Idhar hen jhande hare,
    Julos wahan bhi the,
    Julos yahan bhi hen'
    Matam wahan bhi tha,
    Dance yahan bi hai'
    Ya Ali madad ke narey wahan bhi the,
    'Ya Rasolullah madad ke nare yahan bhi hen,
    Allama un ke bhi the'
    Attari yahan bhi hen'
    Road un ka bhi Band,
    'Road in ka bhi Band,
    'Haleem wahan bhi tha,
    'Halwe yahan bhi hen,
    'Farq sirf itna hai'
    Woh the 10 din wale,
    'Ye hen 12 din wale,
    '40 wan wahan bhi tha,
    '40 wan yahan bhi hai,
    'woh sahaba ke munkir,
    'ye sahaba ke tariqo k mukhalif'..

    (faraq sirf itna hai)


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