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    Default The Doors Of Paradise.

    According to Sidi Ibn Arabi, paradise has 8 doors which relate to the number of the human organs: the eye, the ear, the tongue, the hand, the stomach, the genitals, the leg and the heart. Therefore, those who use their organs according to the Law of God shall enter through the corresponding door of paradise, and they may even enter through all 8 doors similtaneously if they have used all 8 of their organs accordingly.

    On the otherhand, Hell has 7 doors, which relate to the human organs, excluding the heart, since Allah, Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, does not condemn anybody for what they have in their hearts in so far as they do not use it against the Law. Allah says to His angels: 'Whenever My Servat intends to do an evil act, do not record it agains him, unless he actually does it, then mark it down as one evil act. And when he intends to do good but does not manage to do so then record it as one act of goodness, but if he does succeed, then write it down as ten good actions'. [Muslim, Kitab al-Imaan, No. 0233].

    In order to follow the Law of God, however, one has to have faith in Him. faith, according to a well-known Hadith, is divided into 79 levels, the least of which is the removal of malevolent actions out of the path of others, and the greatest of which is [believing in and/or recital of] 'LA ILAHA ILLALLAH... there is no god but ALLAH', and between these 2 points are all the good deeds and decent qualities and morals.

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    Default Re: The Doors Of Paradise.

    MashALLAH Boht Hi Umdah Post Ki Ap Ne

    Maloumat me Kafi Izafa Hua Ha

    Bohat Khob Kam Kia AP Ne


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