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    Default Some Good Materials/Books.

    Assalam alaykum,

    May I have the pleasure of sharing with you, for your perusal/use and also sharing with others, the following books or materials adjudged as good reminders to People of The Path of God Almighty. They are:--

    1) "Complete Creation of Angels"- It discusses creation of Angels (those Obedient Servants of Allah, Most High), their form of worship and related issues.

    2) "Life In al-Barzakh (From Death Until Resurrection)"- It discusses the reality of death and worthlessness of this earthly life. We just have to prepare for
    the real and permanent abode in the Hereafter. See how in this book.

    3) "Taqdir"- It discusses that complex issue of Predestination and Freewill in Islam in simple language, to induce understanding of the rather complex issue.

    4) "Tariqal-Jannah"- It discusses the Path to Jannah or Paradise.. a must read.

    5) "Du'a"- Is a compendium of Du'a and/or Supplications we can do and/or offer for our protection, success and well-being on anything that may require Du'a...
    anytime; in the day or in the night. The religion of Islam has indeed provided guidance on how to do anything... everything material or spiritual. See how
    by examining this blessed compendium.

    6) "Ma'arifat-l-Haqq"- is about Direct Knowledge of The Absolute Being.. a simple, but must read.
    Enjoy them all.
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    Default Re: Some Good Materials/Books.

    In tmam Books ko download karny ka bht bht shukria
    (*) Sobia Abdullah (*)


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