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    yello_new What loves mean to you???

    There are many songs had written about love, regardless parents love, couples love, friendship love, god’s love, … everything, huh?

    How was a relationship being build? Of course, based on love, isn’t it? If not, how would you build it? If not, you wouldn’t marry the man or the woman to be your lawful wedding spouse right?

    After years of marriage, how do you maintain the relationship between husband and wife? The spark isn’ t there anymore, but how do you maintain that?

    It’s the responsibilities counts for that moment, the love that built the foundation, … agreed?

    Before you build a house, you must build a strong ground, a strong foundation, then after you will put on bricks, things like that… and maintain it thru out the days and years… that processes is similar to how you build a relationship or even a marriage.

    Nowadays we see a lot of couple filing for divorce, do they ever consult each other what causes them to go into that path??

    Feel free to comment….


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