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    arrowNew Interesting Love Words

    A heart that loves is always young."

    "Just because someone doesn't love you
    in the way you want them to,
    doesn't mean that they don't love you
    with all they've got."

    "True love is just like rain; it touches us all."
    "True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about but few have seen."
    "Most relationships are
    not made in heaven.
    They come in kits and you
    have to put them together yourselves."

    "Every morning I wake up happy
    because I know I'll see you."

    "Love - a wildly misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart which weakens the brain, causes eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise and the lips to pucker."

    "Let your love be like the misty rains, coming softly, but flooding the river."

    "Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end."

    "Love is a sweet tyranny, because the lover endureth his torments willingly."

    Best love sayings as these above, can be used in several ways to charm your sweetheart. You can present these beautiful love sayings in Greeting cards or send as text messages. These special love sayings tell it all in a creative way. Hence, pick some of these best love sayings and send the message of love to your darling.


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