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    Default Christian n Muslim Love Story

    Christian n Muslim Love Story
    first of all main khudko introduce karati hon… i live in europe, n main medical ki student hon… n mujhe medical k liai hai aik clinic men kuch din kaam krna tha… m 21, main abhi doctor nahi, but shuru k saal men hon, n yahan students ko medical studies start karne se pehle kuch din hospital men kaam karna hota hai…. ye last july ki baat hai, mujhe aik month apne clinic men kaam karna thaa… n woheen aik doctor thaa who was doing his house job…. he was there for two months… we started at the same time, he started in july with me n august k end tak usne wohin hona tha….

    jab hamari first time mulaqat hui to i was not at all attracted by him…. coz he’s a blond with blue eyes, n m not attracted by europeans.. but with time, we used to visit patients together, n discussed about diseases etc, n he learnt me so many things… he was really really nice, n i noticed that he was falling in love with me, but i completely ignored, coz once talking with a patient, he told him that he had a girlfriend…. so i never tried to hav any sort of relationship with him… i did respect him but nothing more…

    but he continued, n i also started falling in love with him, but i didnt tell anything, nor did he…. i hid everything from him, but our eyes told everything…. n then arrived the end of july, n i stopped working there…. the last day i brought chocolates for him to thank him, with a card… but i didnt say anything special to him, not even in the card…. coz i’ve never had any relationship n i was afraid…. n there was this thing: im a pakistani, i cant have a boyfriend…..

    so i always ignored him, i never encouraged him by my actions to say sthg to me…. so he didnt…. n everything finished like this….

    after that, when univ started, i saw him just a few times at univ, n we just said hello hi, nothing more, but m sure he stilll has feelings for me, n so do i….. but i dont know wat to do….

    on one side, there is this cultural difference….. n on the other is my love, i really miss him, n always thing abt him… i regret having been so rude towards him, we could have been friends, only if i would have been a little more open hearted…

    n i swear guys, now i see him everywhere…. whenever i see a blond somewhere, i compare him to this doctor, n i find that no one is as beautiful as he is… his eyes are as pure as an ocean…. i really miss him guys…

    but i’ve never let my feelings overcome the reality, n i didnt do anything until yesterday…. imagine, i’ve passed all these months missing him, but i didnt do anything… n yesterday i couldnt bear it anymore, n i decided to tell him…. i got his mobile number frm somewhere, n i sent him a msg, telling him he’s sweet, n that i was just thinking abt him…. but unfortunately, msg wasnt delivered… coz he’s changed his mobile number…..

    now i do have his fix number, n i want to ask one of my friends to call there n ask his mobile number, frm any of his family members…. so that i can msg him, n at least wish him new year….

    i know i cant marry him, coz he’s christian n im muslim, i dont even know whether he’s still with his girl friend, but i just want to be his friend… i just want to have this friendship relationship with him, n spend some time with him….. coz i really miss him guys… plz tell me what to do… it’ll really help me to get advice frm u guys….


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