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    Default Love or just an infatuation?

    Love or just an infatuation?
    i met a guy last 2003. i am just a first year high school that time. He is so good to me, very caring guy so its not way far for me to get in love
    on him. After a year, we’re still classmates. then I still continue my secret love on him. Later on, all of our classmates did noticed that we were so sweet each other. they teased us, then our friendship were stained about that. February 14, 2005 is the date when he didn’t talk to me at all. I’ve tried many times and many ways to turn back the friendship but he still refuses. i think that I’m so stupid to fall in love with that guy that doesn’t love me back. Years passed but i do still carrying that “love” that i feel for him. I always imagined myself standing at the corner just looking at him. November 2006, our last cheerdance competition. My section and his section were on one team and we are both cheer dancers. I admit that I’m glad at the first place when i knew that he is also one of the cheer dancers. An eve of the said competition, we practiced at our classmates house. It was raining heavy that time, we were practicing under the rain expecting that we will win the trophe. After the practiced, some of our groupmates had went home already, and we, we’re still waiting for the other service to come. As we were waiting, we’ve enjoyed the night. We dance under the rain, feels like there’s no competition by the next day. i had my rest for a moment when i see him standing just a couple of inches away from me. “I want to approach him, and apologize for the last time” i said to myself. In that moment also, our favorite song was playing on the radio. Some of our classmates are there also near by us., but when i decided to approach him,…….. he just walk away and regret me. seems like there’s no one who walks towards him. I felt disappointed as i saw him walking away, i remembered every detail that happened to us before. As how close we are with each other and as how we enjoy each others company. After that happened, tears immediately flow through my eyes. I just cried, and my nearby classmates was shock, and keep on asking me if why did i cry. just to get over with them, i just told them that I’ve just recall of something that made me cry, and thats nothing for them to be bother. After a couple of minutes then, we went home. March 2007. our graduation,. a month earlier, i promised to myself that i wil not consider myself as a graduate when we both are not yet ok. then the graduation rights did come. Each one of us were happy after we pronounced as a newly Graduates. In the middle of the crowd, unexpectedly we met each other. we look at each others eyes by a few seconds then he go,.., after that I cried as i told to my best friend of what had happened. i went home with a pain on my heart cause by disappointments.. After 3 months, i saw him passed by on our house… he goes back and forth,.., i didn’t called him because maybe that he will just regret me.. As im watching him walking away, I’ve realized that……… Nothing lasts in this world, everything just passing by.. and any minute happiness will


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