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    Default Love u unconditionally

    Love u unconditionally
    Hi am here to tell u my love story.My love story is really good."kisi ki nazar na lage" I will stat with the day onE: I am working here in Bangalore from past 5 years i was working in a pravite company and that was my first job i took that time a new cell,i was not having much number and ppl use to give mis call bugg me up, one day i recieve a msg and i msgd him back saying "i don know u so don msg me" REPLY CAME " CAN V BE FRND I WAS SENDING THIS MSG TO ONE OF MY FRND MAY BE ITS GONE TO U SORRY"... i said its k .. hi hello started.after some days i have started chatting also but i was miled in my way he use to evey day nite msg me good day good morning good nite...Opps i never use to reply .. i use to reply him some time !!! Once he said he want to meet me and on his mind there was a doubt may be i look like a Aunty??? Coz was working !!! He came and Met on my office fast time he was looking like a small tall baby.. so sweet smile eyes are good way of talking is superb.. i use to like his voice very much over the phone... i saw the guy is cool too.. i was asking him about his Girl friend he smiled and said u are a girl and u r a friend so u are my Girl friend. I also smiled. Then for 1 year we v have sopke may be once or twice and few sms.. and again once i met him near my home for 5 mints hi and how u that's all.. there was common dolouge for me to give it to him was i can not "ASSURE YOU" can v meet or not.. This last 2006 i went to my home town and i felt like no one is there only he understands me !! May be God made me to think that.. I was so happy that day was a party in my home and i was full drunk and i said him the 3 golden wrods that "I LOVE U" he thought may be she was drunk and she said me all this.. but next day again i called and said whats ur answer he also said Yes... was a wonderfull day in my life.. i came to Bangalore and Met him the day i came next day v met both of us was happy but he was little worried.. After all 1st DAte??.. then in 3 months we met each other may be more then 10000.. times what v have not did in 2 years of Just friend ship.. There so many more big story to tell may be the words will be less expalin about my Love ' He is "SAMEER" I love u.........

    Please Give Your Comments Regarding This Story ! Thanks.


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