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    Default Love Change To Friend Ship

    Love Change To Friend Ship
    hello friend's this is anil form Hyderabad..reading many stories about love at this site i taught to write about my true love...there were many girls who came and went in my life ever before and many of them have proposed me but i never accepted any girl forever in my life time but when i met kavita for the first time i fell in deep love with her and i still love her and my love grows every day and i miss her everyday....... we met with each other in a computer Insitute for the first time and i fell in love with her.. i wished never to tell her about it but my heart cant stop me from telling her about my feelings towards her. she was so nice for me as a friend from starting that i never wished to break her heart but i said on 14th oct 2006 to her in this way "kavita ji hum aap se pyaar karte hai aur, karte rahenge agar aap humhe nahi pasand karte ho toh koi baat nahi aap keh dijiye hum dost the, hai, aur rahenge" for it she said me after thinking a while "i dont love you" but we will be friend's till the end and till today we are friends and in friendship with her i came to know that there was some one whom she loved once upon a time and he left her never to return this made me upset when i knew but now i think i must make something by which i can make a meet between the two.. and can see that there is no day in her life which she hate... my love for her will never end and i am still at the corner of the sea as i am still unable t know who was that guy whom she loved once upon..i don't understand how to know who is he i asked her but she don't want to talk about him with me but kavita what ever you think of me i love you a lot and i will love you for ever and my love for you will keep on increasing each and everyday... please come in my life and make it more wonderful than ever it was... but i will always be your friend as i cant spend a minute of my life with out seeign you

    Thanks for Reading and now please share your feedbacks about this story !


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