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    Default MS Excel 2007 Lecture # 2

    To know the excel 2007 screen elements

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    • Office button: When clicked, this button opens the Office menu, from which you can open, save, print, and exit as well as the Excel Options button that enables you to change Excel's default settings.
    • Quick Access Toolbar: A small toolbar next to the Office button contains shortcuts for some of the most common commands such as Save, Undo, and Redo buttons. You also can customize quick access toolbar.
    • Ribbon: A combination of old versions menu bar and toolbar, arranged into a series of tabs ranging from Home through View. Each tab contains buttons, lists, and commands.
    • Name box: Displays the address of the current active cell where you work in the worksheet.
    • Formula bar: Displays the address of the active cell on the left edge, and it also shows you the current cell's contents.
    • Worksheet area: This area contains all the cells of the current worksheet identified by column headings, using letters along the top, and row headings, using numbers along the left edge with tabs for selecting new worksheets.
    • Sheet tabs: Excel 2007 contains 3 blank worksheet tabs by default. Click on the intended tab will go to the particular worksheet.
    • Status bar: Reports information about the worksheet and provides shortcuts for changing the view and the zoom.
    • Zoom control: Use to zoom the Excel screen in or out by dragging the slider
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