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    Default MS Excel 2007 Lecture # 3

    Excel 2007 Ribbon - Discover the New Ribbon Elements in Excel 2007!

    Yes, Excel 2007's user interface is based on the ribbon, which is a bar across the top of the window that contains tabbed pages of commands and icons/buttons.
    With the Ribbon, it shows you all the most commonly used options needed to perform a particular Excel task and you just click on it to take action.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here are some important terms related to Excel 2007 ribbon:

    • Ribbon: The whole bar, including all of the tabs.
    • Office Button: On the far left side of the Ribbon, the Office Button lets you perform tasks that are common across many Office applications.
    • Quick Access Toolbar: Located on top of the Excel screen beside the Office Button.
    • Tab: Excel's main tasks are brought together and display all the commands commonly needed. Clicking a tab name once activates the tab.
    • Group: A section of a tab that organizes related command buttons into subtasks. For example, the Home tab has the following groups: Clipboard, Font, Alignment, Number, Styles, Cells, and Editing.
    • Dialog box launcher: A small icon in the bottom-right corner of a group, from which you can open a dialog box related to that group.

    To understand tabs on the Excel 2007 ribbon

    • Home: Use this tab when creating, formatting, and editing a spreadsheet.
    • Insert: Use this tab when adding particular elements (including graphics, PivotTables, charts, hyperlinks, and headers and footers) to a spreadsheet.
    • Page Layout: Use this tab when preparing a spreadsheet for printing or reordering graphics on the sheet.
    • Formulas: Use this tab when adding formulas and functions to a spreadsheet or checking a worksheet for formula errors.
    • Data: Use this tab when importing, querying, outlining, and subtotaling the data placed into a worksheet's data list.
    • Review: Use this tab when proofing, protecting, and marking up a spreadsheet for review by others.
    • View: Use this tab when changing the display of the Worksheet area and the data it contains.

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