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MS Excel 2007 Lecture # 14
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    Default MS Excel 2007 Lecture # 14

    Excel Header and Footer: How to Add it to the Excel 2007 Worksheets?

    Normally we type in descriptive text to add information to a spreadsheet such as titles, dates, page numbers, etc.
    A header or footer can appear in three locations on the page. It can be in the top/bottom left corner, the center, and the right corner of the page.
    With the latest version of Excel 2007, it is much simpler to add a header and/or footer to your worksheet. Here are the steps:

    To insert header and footer

    • Click the View tab.
    • In the Workbook Views group, click the Page Layout icon.
    • Click in the area marked Click to add header.

    MS Excel 2007 Lecture # 14-add-header.gif

    • Choose where you want the text to be, left, center or right aligned. In our example as shown above, it's center align.
    • Type the desired text in the appropriate box.
    • You also can use the Header & Footer Tools Design Tab, Header & Footer Elements group to insert the appropriate text.

    Attachment 1502

    • If you wish to go to the footer, click on Go to Footer icon in the Navigation group.
    • Click the Home tab to apply formatting to the text (font, bold, underline, or color).

    To view header and footer

    • Headers and footers are not visible in the normal worksheet view.
    • You can use the Page Layout view to see the headers and footers.
    • To view a header or footer before printing the spreadsheet, use the Print Preview optionOffice button - Print). (

    To edit the excel header and footer

    • From the View tab, in the Workbook Views group, click the Page Layout icon.
    • Edit or change the elements in the header or footer as you wish.
    • When finish, just press the Esc key and save your work.

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