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MS Excel 2007 Lecture # 20
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    Default MS Excel 2007 Lecture # 20

    Excel 2007 contains a build-in list of worksheet functions, which are categorised to make it easy to search for the ones you need.
    Excel has over 300 built-in functions divided into various function categories, including:

    • Financial
    • Logical
    • Text
    • Date & Time
    • Lookup & Reference
    • Math & Trigonometry
    • Information
    • Database
    • Statistical
    • Engineering
    • Cube

    Here are some commonly used functions:
    AVERAGE: Used to determine the average value of the selected cells contents.
    COLUMNS: Used to return the number of columns within a reference.
    COUNT: Used to count how many numbers are in the list.
    MAX: Used to return the maximum number from a list.
    MIN: Used to return the minimum number from a list.
    ROUND: Used to round off numbers to a specified number of decimal points.
    SUM: Used to add the contents of selected cells.

    To display all the available functions

    • Open a blank Excel workbook.
    • Click on the Formulas tab and within the Function Library group click on the Insert Function icon.

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    • From the Insert Function dialog box displayed, under Or select a category: section, select a particular category function, the related functions will displayed.

    To enter functions directly into the worksheet cell

    • Select the cell into which the formula will be entered.
    • Insert an equal (=) sign to begin the formula. The formula toolbar buttons will appear.
    • Enter the name of the function [e.g. SUM], followed by an opening parenthesis [(], any arguments required for the function [e.g. E2:E5], and closing parenthesis[)].
    • Press Enter. If there are no errors in the formula, the result of the function will be entered in the cell. If you activate the cell again, the function will be displayed in the formula bar.

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