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    Default MS Excel 2007 Lecture # 24

    "Excel 2007 MAX Function - An Example Demonstration"

    The syntax for the MAX function is:
    =MAX(argument1, argument2, ... argument30)
    Argument1, argument 2, ... argument 30 can be numbers, named ranges, arrays, or cell references. Up to 30 arguments can be entered.

    To use the Excel 2007 MAX Function

    • Enter the following data into the Excel spreadsheet.
      excel max function data - MS Excel 2007 Lecture # 24
    • Click on cell C8 or any other cells where the results will be displayed.
    • From the Formulas tab, in the Function Library group, click the More Functions icon and point to Statistical to open the function drop down list.
      max function - MS Excel 2007 Lecture # 24
    • Click on MAX in the list to bring up the function's dialog box.
    • From the Max Function Arguments dialog box displayed, type C1:C6 or you can drag the mouse from cell C1 to C6.
      excel max function arguments - MS Excel 2007 Lecture # 24
    • Click OK. The result will display on the cell C8.
    • If you choose the different ranges, the following result will display.
      =Max(C1, C2) would return 632.
      =Max(C3, C5, 896) would return 896.
      =Max(C2:C6) would return 808.

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