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Complete Hajj & Umrah Guide
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    Default Complete Hajj & Umrah Guide

    Hajj and Umrah Guide gives far reaching and right Guide about the Holy Pilgrimage to Makkah (Mecca). Enamoring interface, striking illustrations, sound backing, and visual maps, make it a flawless easy to understand guide. Explorers can learn customs nearby their separate spots; like, what to perform/recite at Kaaba, Masjid Al-Haram, Mina, Al-Safa and Al-Marwah, Muzdalifah, and Mount Arafat.

    Figure out how to perform Hajj with orderly directions

    · Dua's (Prayers) of Hajj at diverse focuses.
    · Do & Don't of Hajj.
    · Islamic Information on Hajj.
    · Effectively reasonable User Interface with satisfying perceivability.
    · Swiping choice inside of every Category makes it much simpler to utilize.

    Types of Hajj
    · The Meeqat
    · The Ihraam
    · Hajj Intention and Talbiyah

    Things Allowed/Forbidden in Ihraam
    · The Tawaaf (Circumambulation of Kabah)
    · The Saa'i (7 excursions between the mounts Safah and Marwah)

    Additionally, Get Day by Day timetable of the Hajj Days:
    · What to do on Day 1 of Hajj..
    · What to do on Day 2 of Hajj...
    · What to do on Day 3 of Hajj....
    · What to do on Days 4,5,6 of Hajj...

    Critical spots, subjects you will cover amid the Hajj Days:
    · Mina
    · Arafah
    · Muzdilfah
    · Jamarat(Stoning of Devil)
    · Tawaaf al-Ifadha (Tawaaf of Hajj)
    · Saa'i of Hajj


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