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    Default Now Send Your Personal Mobile Data in PDF File Format Using PDF Maker Lite

    PDF Maker Lite is the world first android app that provide facility to save and share all your personal information now in PDF file. You can share all this information with friends via IMO, Whatsapp etc
    Just click the button and Create you file of Contacts list, messages,Call received,missed ,dialed create file of your images and save data in gallery automatically created folder.

    Download Free: PDF Maker Lite

    P6ylIyP2jPBg51IMkOeffNlkIwcKzl7DMdGLi2UqSzcVVp5POibHZMrGA8GceAy0CzSbh900 rw - Now Send Your Personal Mobile Data  in PDF  File Format Using PDF  Maker Lite

    -press desired button to perform certain action
    -Press the button to create PDF file and save your file with custom name
    -Created PDF file will be stored automatically in PDF Maker Folder
    -now open the file to see information
    -share your created PDF file to friends through whatsapp , facebook,imo and other social app.
    First time in the history of android this app presented new features for sharing all kind of information now in different and unique style.
    -First time you can convert all your contact number ,Messages,Images and your calling inforamtion list in pdf file just on one click.
    -Automatically created PDF maker Folder for file saving.


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