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    new_new Warid Bol Anmol | Warid New Offer

    You expect the best rates and superior network quality from Warid. But we are always looking to exceed your expectations, because we know how to take care of our family.
    Keeping in line with our tradition of providing innovative and exciting offers to our family members, we present the “Warid Bol Anmol Program”.
    Now, without any activation or conditions, you will be rewarded with an immediate bonusfor any activity on the Warid network! All you have to do is spend as low as Rs. 5 a day on the network and you will be rewarded with an immediate bonus with our “Bonus Rozana Program”. Ramp up your usage to Rs. 10 a day and you’ll be automatically entitled to the “Bonus Mahana Program”. The more you spend, the more you get. Keep using your Warid connection and keep winning!
    You thought your words were precious; they just got even more valuable…


    وارد کی بول انمول آفر
    نہ کوی پیکج نہ اکٹیویشن۔۔۔۔
    بس اپنے وارد نمبر سے کالز کرتے جاییں او روزانہ مفت بیلنس حاصل کرتے جایں۔
    روزانہ 5 روپے سے زاید بیلنس استعمال کریں اور فوری بونس حاصل کریں۔ اس کے علاوہ روزانہ 10 روپے سے زاید بیلنس استعمال کرتے جایں اور شامل ہو جایں ماہانہ بونس آفر میں۔۔

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