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    Default Apple Tablet OS Share will be reduced to 47% in 2015

    Apple Tablet OS Share will be reduced to 47% in 2015

    With no question iPad is jumping bigger dives to the lead of all other tablets as well as running Android’s latest version honeycomb, in terms of market share, applications, design and on the whole experience. With the newly released iPad 2, Apple is continuing its leadership. But how long can that last ? Earlier Gartner reported that Android was apt to be the most overriding mobile OS in the upcoming 2-3 years, and would control about 50% of the market worldwide by 2012.

    Today Gartner published various approximation take a try at presuming what will happen to tablet market share until 2015, and so the outcome was that Android won’t be that much leading in the tablet space. Apple’s iOS platform which operated the iPad and iPad 2 will be the leading tablet OS for years in the offing. The iPad and the iPad 2 are the mainly admired tablets so far and regardless of various efforts, Android tablets haven’t chased the trails. Though the launch of Android Honeycomb doesn’t makes the scenarios of Android extremely severe.

    Previous year, iOS was staged at an estimated 84% share, weighed against 14% market share of Android. iPad’s contribution in the tablet market is predictable to drop to 69% this year, next year with a 64% drop and will continue to drop to 47% in the year of 2015. However Apple still have enough, but on the expense of iOS, Android is expected to grab almost 39% of market share.

    As far as other OS shares are concerned then WebOS is estimated to drop about 1% of market share while now it has 4% which means only 3% of market share will go under WebOS by 2015, and the QNX OS which is running on Blackberry Playbook is likely to gain about 4.4% share by 2015 while now it has 5.4% of market share which means 10% of the market share will go under the command of Blackberry.

    The fact is that no one knows how the upcoming market of tablets will be evolving. After all if you consider Gartner’s statistics, the iPad will drop 37 points of market share during 2015, at the same time as Android will prevail 24 points. That circumstance is indeed probable, but can also be a wrong assumption.
    tablet share chart - Apple Tablet OS Share will be reduced to 47% in 2015


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