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    Default How to block unwanted Calls/SMS on all networks !

    How to block unwanted Calls/SMS on all networks !

    block call block sms fedup - How to block unwanted Calls/SMS on all networks !
    With the number of telecom subscribers exceeding in Pakistan, over and over again you get unwanted/unknown calls and SMS without any reason, isn’t it ? Then you might be wondering how to make an end to these unwanted calls and SMS to appear on your mobile phone from unknown numbers ? In that case you must consider having a look and implementing these options as listed below as per your carrier you are customer of to restore your mind peace and say Spammers and SMS bomber’s goodbye !


    • Level of Protection: Ufone prepaid customers are given an option to block (Only Calls) from 20 numbers, whereas SMS blocking facility is available for Postpaid customers only.
    • Charges(Applicable): If you want to avail this service, you will be charged Rs.10/Month
    • How to Activate: Simply make a call to 420 and follow the instructions (calling 420 is payable on base of your package rate)
    • Official Ufone Page: For further assistance, visit this official Ufone page on which how to block details are provided: Ufone GSM : U-Block


    • Level of Protection: Zong customers are set free to block both Calls and SMS from 50 numbers, which seems quite a good limit
    • Charges (Applicable): If you want to make use of the blocking service by Zong, you will be charged Rs.15/Month
    • How to Activate: Call 9211 and follow the instructions or you can also take help from: Zong Number Blocking Service and Facebook Application for further details: Zong on Facebook | Facebook
    • Blocking Promotional SMS: Besides of blocking unwanted calls and SMS, if you are depressed by promotional SMS, you can block this also by visiting this link: ZONG.. ZONG Promotional SMS Blocking Service


    • Level of Protection: You can block both calls and SMS (offered respectively via individual rates) from numbers with no limit
    • Charges (Applicable): Against a charge of Rs.19/Month you can avail this service, whereas Rs.2 will be applicable in case if you add or remove a number in the blocked list.
    • How to Activate: Simply call 9211 and for further assistance visit this URL (for SMS Blocking Details): Warid Telecom :: Warid SMS Blocker


    • Level of Protection: If you are a telenor customer, you can only block Calls from unwanted numbers from up to no limit
    • Charges (Applicable): Rs.20/month is applicable for availing this service, while Rs.2 +tax are applicable in case if you add or remove a number in the blocked list.
    • How to Activate: You can simply send an SMS “Sub” to 420 and follow the instructions for activation or visit this:
    • Official Telenor Page: For further details and assistance visit: http://www.telenor.com.pk/services/callBlocker.php

    Unfortunately, at this time the service for blocking calls and SMS is discontinued for both Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

    “This was all for the carrier based options for blocking calls and SMS, next time we will be writing about how to block calls and SMS on different OS and additional guide also, so stay tuned !”


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