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    Default Ufone Package Conversion Rates will be raised by 50-100%

    Ufone Package Conversion Rates will be raised by 50-100%

    ufone ghanta package - Ufone Package Conversion Rates will be raised by 50-100%You persistently need to change your Package/Price plan in accordance to your need whether it could be based on calling or texting needs or based on International Calls but are you satisfied by Package Conversion Rates prescribed by Ufone for now which is about Rs.5 and Rs.10 for multiple package conversion, respectively ? Well if you are pleased or not, but you should be thanking for these package conversion rates to remain same till the 5th March 2011 due to the reason that Ufone has made a statement declaring that an increase of up to 50-100% will be official for package conversion fee to be charged from its prepaid customers.

    Based on the official announcement, the package conversion fee will be modified to Rs.10 from Rs.5 which is being deducted for now on different packages which will make a straight 100% rise, while Rs.15 will be charged on the vary of multiple packages, which is at present charged at Rs.10 which will make a straight 50% increase in the deduction.

    Pattern for new conversion rates implementation
    Rise of 50% in conversion rates: To set an example, if you modify your package to Ufone Bachat offer from Full time Mufta offer than you will be charged @Rs.15, as of now Rs.10 is all you have to pay.

    Rise of 100% in conversion rates: Likewise if you move over to Tension free Special rates from Super Call offer than you will be charged @Rs10, as of now Rs.5 is being deducted.

    Why an Increase in Package Conversion Rates ?
    Enough talking for the official announcement for a rise in Package Conversion rates but what about the prepaid users who are wondering that “why an Increase in conversion rates” than the reason behind for an increase is all it raps in verdict of generating more returns by Ufone from their customers who necessitate to change their assorted packages in order to benefit from the offers hitting the grounds as Ufone has pioneered a handsome amount of packages in excess of an era of time consecutively to draw utmost customers headed for its network and towards usefulness of its valuable services.

    Is this increase a good move ?
    Though, customers are always looking forward to get what always they want keeping in mind their convenience so as the rates which are offered varying to cellular operator companies but Ufone’s team and its network are both making the most of now to assist their subscribers needs in the best possible way, who are looking forward to make use of different packages and offers of their company. As far as the increase in conversion rates is concerned it appears to be an uncommon move in the vast rivalry of telecom segment in the country. However it’s a matter of fact that cellular operating companies are pretty sensible to implement unusual charges on the same hand with tariff being deducted on their services.

    As expected Ufone will probably be able to obtain upright profits from its consumers conversely a good number of subscribers may perhaps be indecisive to change their packages often.

    Note: The charges which are said to be increased will all be legitimate on all local and worldwide voice packages and offers.


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