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    Default M9 SMS Packages compare with Uth, Djuice, Glow, Jazba | Bundle

    M9 SMS Packages compare with Uth, Djuice, Glow, Jazba | Bundle

    sms packags - M9 SMS Packages compare with Uth, Djuice, Glow, Jazba | BundleSure, this question means a lot to you that if you are planning to hop on board of M9 by Zong which offers handsome bunch of packages to select from, where calling rates vary from 0.90 per minute to Rs.2.20 per minute, as well there are 12 levels of call/SMS pricing. But, you never want your fingers to rest from sending text to someone by handful of appropriate SMS Bundles subject to your need ? So, M9 has made worth the good approach towards youth with SMS Bundles comparable with other Youth Offers (you will have to decide).
    You can avail SMS bundles as of your will. There are daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly SMS bundles available for M9 Package holders. See for yourselves and also have a look in other innovative offered packages by different telecom companies.

    Daily SMS Packages:

    M9 by Zong
    For daily requirement M9 offers 500 SMS for whole day only for Rs.3.99. You get an additional 100 MMS also with this SMS Bundle.

    Uth by Ufone
    Ufone has extensively serving the youth with amazing SMS bundle offers, but M9 has also stepped in to make the most of now. Uth Package is the foremost propose by Ufone which offers Daily SMS bucket with 600 SMS @ Rs.1.99 + tax/day.

    Jazz Jazba by Mobilink
    The newly launched package named Jazz Jazba offers all-in-one-pack with two extra-ordinary daily SMS bundle. With First bundle Rs.1.5+tax will be charged on daily basis and allowing you to use 150 SMS. There is also another bundle in which you can use 500 SMS for one day and would be charged Rs.3.99+tax

    Glow by Warid
    Glow presents daily SMS Bundle with 250 SMS @ Rs.2.99/day.

    Djuice Package by Telenor
    Djuice has been catering to the needs of the youth and presents daily bundle offer with 200 SMS @ Rs.1.50/day.

    Weekly SMS Packages:

    M9 by Zong
    This bundle is most appropriate for users who don’t want to pay more then they consume SMS. This bundle would be valid for 7 days only and will allow you to use 1000 SMS for whole week only for Rs.10.

    Uth by Ufone
    You get to use 1200 SMS for 7 days and with a charge of Rs.6.99+tax.

    Jazz Jazba by Mobilink
    Jazz Jazba presents weekly bundle which includes 1,200 SMS for 7 days and for Rs.6.99+tax.

    Glow by Warid
    Glow innovatively presents two new weekly SMS bundles. Mainly, the first bundle offers 700 SMS@ Rs.6.99/week. And second bundle offers 1000 SMS@ Rs.7.99/week. Both bundles made for different criteria.

    Djuice by Telenor
    Weekly bundle by Djuice offers 1200 SMS @ Rs.7/week.

    Fortnightly SMS Packages:

    M9 by Zong
    Make the use of 500 SMS daily and 500 x 15 days (fortnightly) = 7500 SMS are offered for only Rs.50 and would be valid for 15 days.

    Ufone (all packages)
    Fortnightly bundle offer is for all packages of Ufone. However, it gives 2500 SMS @ Rs.25+tax/14 days.

    Jazz Jazba by Mobilink
    Unfortunately, Jazz Jazba doesn’t have fortnightly SMS Bundle for now.

    Glow by Warid
    Like Jazz Jazba, warid also doesn’t have fortnightly SMS bundle at this time.

    Djuice by Telenor
    Fortnightly SMS bundle by Djuice offers 3500 SMS @ Rs.25/15 days.
    Monthly SMS Packages:

    M9 by Zong
    You can use 500 SMS per day and a total of 15000 SMS for 30 Days which will deduct Rs.80 and will be valid for 30 days. This bundle has a pretty amount of SMS given to you.

    Ufone (all packages)
    This bundle is also for all packages of Ufone and withholding Rs.80+tax; you get to use 9,000 SMS for 30 Days.

    Jazz Jazba by Mobilink
    If SMS is the core of your existence, Jazz Jazba has just the right offer for you. For monthly bundle it offers 8,000 SMS @ Rs.80+tax/30 days.

    Glow by Warid
    You have to rely on daily and weekly SMS bundle offered by Glow because there isn’t also any monthly SMS bundle launched by Glow.

    Djuice by Telenor
    With this bundle bring into play 7500 SMS @ Rs.50/30 days.

    “It’s all loud and clear. Now, it’s up to you that you prefer M9 SMS bundles or not ?”


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