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    Default Polarbit ToonWarz v1.04

    twztitle - Polarbit ToonWarz v1.04

    twzscreenshot2 - Polarbit ToonWarz v1.04 twzscreenshot4z - Polarbit ToonWarz v1.04

    twzscreenshot1 - Polarbit ToonWarz v1.04 twzscreenshot3 - Polarbit ToonWarz v1.04

    Take control of a one-man army on a death defying mission behind enemy lines. Storm the fortified enemy stronghold and fight your way to its ’ very core to rescue the imprisoned hostages before it is too late. ToonWarz is a 3D action FPS featuring both single player missions and real-time multiplayer death-matches.

    - Multiplayer (Beta): requires WLAN.

    Download Here


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