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    Default Herocraft Robo v1.1.2 s60v5

    1071jir - Herocraft Robo v1.1.2 s60v5 Robo is trapped at a secret military base. The passages that lead to the exit are guarded by laser cannons. Fortunately, there are some bombs that can be used to destroy the cannons and some stones that can be used to block laser beams. Both are in short supply, so you will have to be very resourceful. Think carefully - one mistake and Robo will be melted down with the laser beam or left trapped in the base forever, if you run out of bombs. If you are smart, you can use laser cannons to destroy each other. There are 76 increasingly difficult levels you will have to pass to liberate Robo from his prison. 243j7l3 - Herocraft Robo v1.1.2 s60v5 2gsnzuo - Herocraft Robo v1.1.2 s60v5 j6ochl - Herocraft Robo v1.1.2 s60v5 How to use the keygen: 1. On ur PC press Start button/Run.. 2. Write "cmd" and press OK 3. Drag and drop HeroCraft Robo 1.1 Keygen.exe in the cmd window 4. Write ur IMEI and hit Enter 5. Ur done. Enjoy! trans - Herocraft Robo v1.1.2 s60v5 robo_5800 Downloads Robo Keygen


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